ISSP at BAS was created by a Decree No 362 / October 16, 1972, of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria.

The Decree divided the existing Institute of Physics with Atomic Scientific Experimental Center (IP with ASEC) at BAS, founded by Academician George Nadjakov in 1946, into ISSP and INRNE (Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy), starting from January 1, 1973.

Since February 16, 1982 the Institute of Solid State Physics was named after Academician George Nadjakov.

Former directors of ISSP:
Academician Alexander Petrov (1999-2015)
Professor Nikolay Kirov. (1991-1999)
Academician Milko Borissov (1973-1991)

The Museum at ISSP was created in 2000. It has a reading-room and a small permanent exhibition at ISSP-2.